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A Flashlight Brighter Than The Sun

Made Tough Enough For The Military, But practical For EVERYONE

Light up any space, or use the STROBE & SOS features in emergencies.

Perfect for the home, car, working, hunting, climbing, fishing, camping, and outdoor activities. 

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  • Ultralens combines military-grade power and commercial convenience into an all-purpose flashlight that brightens up whole plane fields and operates under any weather condition.
  • The powerful LED bulb creates a wide cone of light that can be adjusted for close and far distances. Ultralens is also shock and waterproof, making it the go-to for emergencies.
  • Pick a reliable source of light that never disappoints! When carrying Ultralens into your pocket you’ll always be good to go out in the dark under any weather condition!


Lightens the horizon- In its brightest mode, Ultralens can lighten the whole plane field. Even a car’s headlights can’t outmatch it!

Pocket-sized power- All of Ultralens’ power is packed in its compact design. When it’s in your pocket you are always prepared.

Never stops working- Created from military-grade alloy, Ultralens is made for extreme situations. It never stops working under weather conditions.

The Ultralens is one of the brightest flashlights on the market, providing up to 3,000 Lumens. The Adjustable Zoom gives you the wide field of view and brightness that other flashlights just don't have.

Its durable, MILITARY GRADE ALLOY body is built for the most EXTREME CONDITIONS. The WATERPROOF design gives you peace of mind that it will work no matter what; heavy rain, snow, and any extreme condition!


The flashlight is recommended by Governments and Experts around the globe to be a part of your Emergency Preparedness Kit


✔️ 5 Modes - High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS

✔️ Impact-resistant- Rugged aluminum body resists 6'+ drops

✔️ Water-resistant - IPX6 rated, can be used in heavy rain

✔️ Adjustable zoom  - Illuminate objects from short to long-range (Spot/Flood)

✔️ Ultra-powerful- High Powered LED

✔️ Compact - Easy to carry, fits in a pocket

✔️ USB Rechargeable - Comes with USB charging cable & can be charged from anywhere



  • 1x 18650 rechargeable battery with "+18650 Rechargeable Option"
  • "No Battery" Option does not come with a battery included
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • The (+) side of the battery must be faced down into the flashlight