Pet Molar Bite Toy Ball


The Durable Pet Molar Bite Toy combines interaction toy, tooth cleaner, slow feeding, and molar function in one. The pet's attention was focused on trying to destroy the wind-up toy, so your pet no longer chews on sofas and other furniture. And it encourages dogs to exercise more to prevent them from becoming fat and to keep them healthy.

This Pet Molar Bite Toy Ball is made of food-grade rubber materials, it is more suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. This dog toy is durable and easy to clean. The powerful suction cups and super-strong ropes can limit your dog to play in a fixed range. Install the suction cup on a smooth and flat surface, and firmly press the suction cup to secure it firmly.

This toy is especially suitable for small puppies and medium-sized dogs. Our pet molar bite toy is made of food-grade TPR materials, nontoxic environmentally friendly, safe, and harmless to your love pet. Durable and wear-resistant, very suitable for the dog.


  • Material: plastic
  • Item: Pet ball
  • Shape: Olive, round

Package Content:
1 x Toy.