Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin



Turn The Dough Into A Festive Art Piece

Want to bake the best cookies for the winter vacations? Then take Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin and start rolling, in minutes you’ll make the most festive looking cookies Christmas has ever seen!

Unlike other pin rollers, Christmas Rolling Pin has various intricate designs that turn the dough into a holiday canvas. The look will bring out the full flavor of your cookies and all the cheers from the family!

Embossing Rolling Pin makes for a wonderful gift for the holidays and a great helper in making the best Christmas pastries! So much fun is to be had while baking with it, find out for yourself!


Intricate but easy- Engraved with the most intricate patterns, Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin makes the dough look like a piece of art. No special effort is required, just simple rolling.

Bring the festive flavor- All the shapes are in the Christmas spirit which does it all the more delicious around the holidays.

Cook with joy- When you see the beautifully cut patterns you’ll fall in love with Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin! Rolling the dough is now like making art!