Glow In The Dark Garden Pebbles


Glow In The Dark Garden Pebbles turns your garden Into a dreamland. Light leak is a set of pebbles, enchanted with magical colors. When it gets dark they start glowing completely the full night, adding to the ambiance and contrasting the darkness. There are various ways you can use them, spatter them around, create intricate patterns, or highlight the pathway. whatever you choose to do you’ll surely add to the beauty

Each pebble glows brightly in the dark to create an out worldly view for you to marvel at during the night. Lightleek adds a tasteful flavor to the ambiance all night long and restores from the sunlight to glow forever. Place them along the pathway to generate a luminous path to follow during the night. Lightleek brings you creative clarification to the unlit garden.

These pebbles recharge from the sunlight and glow for up to 15 years. These stones giving you a magical nighttime decor for the next decade. Light leak is all you need to light the way. Sprinkle our mysterious pebbles along with the gloomy garden and watch it light up with luminous colors.