Sky Felt Christmas Tree For Kids

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Surprise your kids with their very own Christmas tree!

If your kids are too young to join in decorating the Christmas tree why not get their own?  Sky felt is an excellent way for your younglings to experience what Christmas is all about! 

Hand ornament at a reachable place for your kids and let their creative mind go wild with decorating candy corns, snowflakes, and all manner of festive decorations.
Christmas is even more fun when everybody can join in the decorative process. Once it’s done put up their wonderful creation for all to see. Complete the festive experience with Sky Felt Christmas tree.

  • Highlight the party theme One felt Christmas tree for toddlers + 28 decorations, hanging decorations with Christmas symbols, you can feel the festive atmosphere better. Develop your child's ability to manipulate the Felt Christmas tree for toddlers will show your child's creativity and improve their excellent motor skills and color recognition, which will be the best Christmas gift.

  • Toddler Snowman Felt Reusable DIY accessories are adhesive. you can instantly connect them to the felt Christmas tree for kids or use a mat to arrange the felt badges in any way you choose, all of which can be reused. Safety material The felt material is trustworthy and durable. The hook ring is sewn on the felt material tree, and the wiring is robust and is not easy to be pulled by children. Unlike glue, it is not easy to stick

  • Felt Christmas Tree Easy to use with pompom decoration and slings, you can quickly apply decorations on a felt Christmas tree and hang the felt tree for toddlers on the wall, door, or window. This activity is great for practicing hand use, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill, and identification. The Christmas tree can increase the practical ability and ability of your children.


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